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PRIVATE JET AVIATION When you fly privately you can “Charter” an aircraft on a trip by trip basis or you can make substantial deposits with those restrictive “jet card” or “fractional” programs. The most cost effective private jet aviation solution for all your trips is “on-demand charter”. The larger “jet card” and “fractional” programs companies do, in fact, offer charter services because of its attractive value. However, you will never be offered this service by these companies because they employ separate sales forces for each that are not incentivized to combine the various options in a way that is best suited for you, the client.

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Jet Charter Bermuda provides access to an extensive network of charter aircraft, including lightmid-size and heavy jets. Executive airliners, turbo-prop and piston-prop aircraft are also available. Jet Charter Bermuda’s aircraft are always piloted by two certified crew members, have enclosed lavatories, and are maintained to the highest standards.



Jet Charter Bermuda has relationships with various Fortune 500 company executives, professional athletes, celebrities in entertainment and wealthy individuals who rely on us for their private travel needs. We maintain a strict policy of privacy and only disclose client names after receiving written authorization..



Jet Charter Bermuda is committed to providing you a safe and comfortable travel environment. All private jets secured by Jet Charter Bermuda are operated under Part 135 of the FARs (Federal Aviation Regulations).

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Approved Private Jet types

Aircraft Options


Ideal for short to mid range trips, light jets cruise at around 450 knots and can range up to 1700 miles. Most small jets have a mini bar and toilet facility. They can also access smaller airfields.


Mid and Super Mid jets are also great for short and mid range trips. The cruise around 440 knots and tend to have a range of 2000 miles. They offer extra luggage room over Light Jets and have mini bar, toilet and in flight entertainment systems. They blend economy and comfort nicely.


Large Jet Aircraft offer much more passenger and luggage space. They also tend to offer more seating capacity (up to 19). Cruising speeds up to 530 knots and range up to 3000 miles, make this size a great choice for short, mid and cross country distance group travel.


The largest jets are best suited for large groups, with global destinations. Heavy jets offer up to 555 seats and cruise at up to 530 knots. with distance ranging up to 8000 miles. These aircraft tend to offer full bathroom, galley kitchen and media services.
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